Iron Oxide Nanoparticle Concentrate.

The “iron problem” has finally been solved!

Ultimate Iron Delivery

MAGNITUDE is unlike any other chelated iron product on the market. Plants can uptake iron oxide nanoparticles via simple diffusion without having to use protonic energy or uptake cell-damaging chelates such as EDTA and DTPA.

The iron oxide nanoparticles in MAGNITUDE remain viable at a wide range of pH (pH 4 – 14!) and can withstand UV-sterilization treatments.

Insufficient iron uptake has blighted many agricultural crops (and human populations) worldwide for millennia. Even today, iron remains a “problem element” for both soil and hydroponic growers. Plants expend a lot of energy trying to assimilate this essential metal, either disassociating it from clay particles or unbinding it from chemical chelates in hydroponic solutions. It’s a whole lot of effort for precious little reward.

Free The Iron Uptake Bottleneck

MAGNITUDE frees your plants from the bottleneck of insufficient iron uptake. Comprised of iron oxide nanoparticles derived from naturally occurring magnetite and wrapped in a uni-molecular layer of amino acid, MAGNITUDE provides plants with all the iron they crave via simple, efficient diffusion with no potentially harmful chelates such as EDTA and DTPA.

Plant response to iron oxide nanoparticles is dramatic. Growers observe more root development (especially early in the growth cycle), markedly faster growth rates, stronger stems, thicker leaves and more flowering sites. Significant yield increases are commonly reported in with / without testing in controlled indoor growing environments with established and well-known genetic stock. Medical growers invariably report increased essential oil production content and key qualitative metrics increasing by up to 8%.

Key Benefits

  • Boosts chlorophyll production leading to more photosynthesis and nutrient uptake
  • Faster growth rates
  • Improves root health
  • Increases yields by 15 – 45% (depending on species)
  • Stimulates the production of essential oils and improves quality of medicinal crops


Normal: 1 tablet per 20 gallons of nutrient solution
Aggressive: 1 tablet per 10 gallons of nutrient solution

Half strength for seedlings and cuttings.
Half strength for deep water culture.

Drop tablet directly into reservoir or alternatively add to a quart of water first, allow to effervesce, and add dispersion to reservoir.