Silica Dioxide Nanoparticle Concentrate.

All the benefits of silica. None of the pH problems.

Promote Growth
with Cellular Strength

Growers know that extra silica can promote growth. It also helps to create a “cellular fortress” around plants for added protection against bugs, pathogens, molds and other diseases. However, silica supplements typically cause pH to rise meaning only a tiny amount can normally be used safely, without risking lock-out of other elements.

Now all this has changed thanks to nanotechnology. Silica dioxide nanoparticles unlock the power of silicon for your plants with no deleterious effect on the uptake of other key macro and micro elements (typically nitrogen and iron).

No Rise in pH

STRONGHOLD can be used at 5 – 10 times the concentration of other silica products with NO rise in your nutrient solution’s pH! All the benefits of easily accessibly silica, with none of the pH headaches. STRONGHOLD heralds a revolution in plant nutrition and can significantly increase the dry weight of your harvest.

It can also help growers to reduce their reliance on pesticides and fungicides by strengthening plant cell walls.

Key Benefits

  • Improves growth rates
  • Prolongs post-harvest crop quality
  • Increases dry yield weight
  • Increases cell wall strength helping to guard against pests and diseases
  • Reduces reliance on pesticides and fungicides


Normal: 1 tablet per 20 gallons of nutrient solution
Aggressive: 1 tablet per 10 gallons of nutrient solution

Half strength for seedlings and cuttings.
Half strength for deep water culture.

Drop tablet directly into reservoir or alternatively add to a quart of water first, allow to effervesce, and add dispersion to reservoir.